Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 8am to 5:30pm 

Flexible times can be discussed.

Fees this includes toddler fees, snacks and drinks for the Children.

Full Day Care  £40.00

Half Day Care £20.00

After School Care (including pick up from school) at a rate of £15 per day.

Before 8am @£5.00 per hour.

Payments are due in advance either weekly/monthly.  I do not work in arrears. If payment falls into arrears, childminding arrangements will stop and steps for recovery of payment will be taken.

There is a minimum charge of 5 hours per day for under 5's and school holidays.

  • A retainer fee (usually ½ the normal Childminding rate) may be paid where a place is being reserved for future use. This may be when starting with a new childminder (if the childminder has an immediate vacancy but you wish to start the arrangement at a later date) or during long periods of absence (eg during school holidays if a term-time only place is required). This is because Childminders can only provide care for a limited number of children, so if they are holding a place for your child, they may lose income by turning down another child needing the place. The childminder's service must be available during the period if required (adequate notice must be given) and the full fee is payable when the place is used.
  • If the Childminder is not able to offer the place as agreed under the terms of the contract or varies the terms and conditions of the placement then the retainer should be returned to the parent in full. If the parent decides not to take up the retained place, then the retainer fee may be kept by the Childminder. The retainer may not be used as a credit against future Childminding services

  • Where the Childminder does not have a vacancy, but expects to have a vacancy at a specified future date, it may be possible to reserve the place with a deposit. Unlike a retainer, payment of a deposit does not allow the place to be used because no place exists at the time the deposit is paid. The contract should clearly state whether the deposit (or part of it) is to be credited against future Childminding services.
  • If the Childminder is not able to offer the place as agreed the deposit should be returned in full. If the parent does not wish to take up the place when it is available, the deposit may be kept by the Childminder.

Further info regarding times and fees can be discussed with me should the need arise where I will always try to be as accommodating as possible.

There is a minimum charge of 5 hours per day for under 5's and school holidays.

I accept childcare vouchers.

Parents may be entitled to help with their childcare costs through Working Tax Credits. Helpline 0845 300 3900. If you are a student your collage or university may be able to help with childcare charges.

I will require 4 weeks notice should you need to make any changes to your contract or no longer require my services and wish to terminate the contract.