Meals and Snacks 

I provide snacks during the day and lunch (if required) at no extra charge. I have allergen information available for all who require it. You are required to let me know if your child has or develops any food allergies/intolerance so I can assess what food can be given. I promote healthy eating, encouraging children to try new foods and fruits. Children will have access to fruit during the day for snacks and limitless water. Milk is available to children with meals.

I have a sample menu of the foods that I offer.



Choice of:

Grapes,Banana,Apple,Strawberries,Blueberries,Raspberries,Orange,Kiwi,Carrot Sticks,Bread Sticks,Raisins,Yogurt,Pancake,Crumpet,Toast,Small Biscuits,Malt Loaf,Crackers and Cheese.


Soup (homemade) with Roll/Bread

Sandwiches (Egg,Ham,Cheese,Chicken,tuna)

Boiled Egg mashed up,Bread and Butter

Scrambled Egg, 


French Toast


Creamed Rice Pudding,Custard,Angel Delight,Yogurt,Jelly